Aeronautics: Daher innovates to turn waste into aircraft

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Daher continues to lead the way in the recycling of composite materials in the aerospace industry by implementing new sustainability practices at its plant in Saint-Aignan-de-Grandlieu, near Nantes. The company focuses on recycling thermoplastic composite scrap, demonstrating its commitment to reducing its environmental impact by using lightweight and recyclable materials.

Daher stands out in the aerospace industry for its commitment to sustainability. An example of this is that the company has undertaken an initiative to recycle thermoplastic composite waste, representing a move towards more environmentally friendly practices.

Between 5 and 10 tonnes of this waste is generated each year at Daher’s site in Nantes. After more than 3 years of R&D work, it is now being reused to manufacture certified aerospace components for flight, such as rudder pedals. The company intends to continue to develop and innovate in this area. Daher is therefore searching for other uses in aeronautical parts in partnership with Airbus and Safran and is also exploring uses in other sectors.

Continuously innovating in the aerospace materials sector

Although recycling is now one of its main focuses, Daher is also developing new thermoplastic composites. These efforts were reflected at the Paris Air Show in 2023, where Daher presented its advances in reducing the weight of aerostructures, thereby reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Daher has 1600 employees in Atlantic France and it invested €7.5 million to create the Shap’In technology centre near Nantes. This centre is dedicated to the development of innovative aircraft components that can help overcome technical, economic, and environmental challenges. It symbolises Daher’s vision towards more sustainable aviation.

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