Numerical simulation: Nextflow Software raises €3 million to break through internationally

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Nextflow software has developed a groundbreaking solution for computer-aided engineering in the study of fluid flows. The start-up from Nantes has recently raised €3 million in order to accelerate its commercial development, in particular abroad.

Nextflow is an independent software vendor and stands out as one of the leaders in innovative computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods. 

The young company is a spin-off from Centrale Nantes and benefits from the research of the engineering school laboratories and from those of the technological research institute Jules Verne, the CNRS (French national center for scientific research) and its Italian counterpart (CNR).

The innovative software developed by Nextflow allows complex numerical simulations to be made, in particular for innovative industrial applications. It can save up to several weeks of engineering time on projects and also reduces computation time in certain cases. The startup from Nantes already has strong partnerships with major French industrials such as Renault, Michelin and Airbus. 

First round financing to boost international development

Nextflow Software recently raised €3 million: €2 million in equity investment from funds managed by Go capital, and €1 million in loans. 

The company is developing a network of resellers in Asia and signed a license agreement with LG Corp last September. The objective of this Series A fundraising is to accelerate the international development of Nextflow.

Nextflow provides revolutionary software to the fluid dynamics simulation domain. We bring to the market innovative methods to the market that push the limits of numerical simulation and democratize its use for most designers of industrial products, systems and equipment. We are delighted by the confidence that GO CAPITAL shows in our team and project, and we will leverage this first round of financing to reach out to all industries dealing with fluid flows.

Vincent Perrier, CEO of Nextflow Software

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