International investments report: Atlantic France has confirmed its attractiveness in 2019! 2,104 jobs created or maintained – An 18% increase compared to 2018!

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Business France just published its 2019 report. France came 1st place in Europe for international investments, and Atlantic France’s results improved for the third consecutive year. Thanks to 62 investment projects, the number of jobs provided in our region by internationally-owned companies has increased by 18% compared to 2018.

In 2019, France became the most attractive country in Europe. Over the last year, international investments have led to 1,468 projects and a 30% increase in related jobs. 

The Business France 2019 report highlights the key role played by Atlantic France. Our region is particularly attractive for international investment projects in industry and logistics.

In Atlantic France, 62 investment projects and over 2,100 jobs

More than 950 internationally-owned companies are situated in Atlantic France. Last year, they led 62 investment projects (36 expansions, 24 new establishments and 2 business takeovers). This allowed 2,104 jobs to be created or maintained.

International investments in Atlantic France in 2019

62 projects

40% in production activity

2,104 jobs

An 18% increase compared to 2018

36 expansions

and 24 new establishments

The majority (61%) of the international investments in Atlantic France were related to the sectors of production and sales. 28% of the jobs created in trade and distribution were due to international companies! The manufacturing investments increased by 39% and our region represented 11% of logistics jobs created in France.


43% of jobs created or maintained

40% of projects


18% of jobs created or maintained

5% of projects

Business services

15% of jobs created or maintained

15% of projects

Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Italy among the top investing countries

The many jobs created in logistics are related to the establishment of an important logistics center in Verrières-en-Anjou for the German group Action and its discount supermarkets Lidl. The investment has been made by its logistic partner, the group Kühne + Nagel. Switzerland is therefore the top investing country, followed by the United Kingdom, Italy, the USA and Germany.


25% of jobs created or maintained

8% of projects


17% of jobs created or maintained

18% of projects


12% of jobs created or maintained

21% of projects

Dedicated business support and international success stories

Many reasons explain why Atlantic France is attractive to international investors. In particular, the region offers numerous business opportunities and dedicated solutions for internationally-owned companies

Last year, the Business Solutions Atlantic France agency organised 22 missions abroad and 180 meetings. 37 out of the 62 international investment projects came from this commercial prospecting.

In 2019, major stakeholders decided to make the move and reinforce their presence in Atlantic France. Here are a few examples:

  • CGI (Canada), IT services
  • GE Renewable Energy (USA), marine renewables [more info]
  • NTN Transmissions Europe (Japan), automotive
  • Easyjet (UK), transport
  • Action (Germany) and Kühne + Nagel (Switzerland), agrifood
  • Accenture (Ireland), business consultancy
  • TechnoAlpin (Italy), industrial design


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