Helping businesses to grow: dedicated solutions for internationally-owned companies

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A new support program was recently launched by the Pays de la Loire region. Especially designed for internationally-owned companies, it offers a wide range of tailor-made services for entrepreneurs.

More than 1,000 internationally-owned companies are located in Pays de la Loire. They play an important part in the regional economy, employing 70,000 persons and representing 38% of manufacturing export sales.

To help these companies expand their businesses and encourage others to settle in Pays de la Loire, the regional council recently launched a new support program. Dedicated to companies in which the majority of the shareholders are internationals, it can take many different forms.

A personalized support to match with the entrepreneurs’ needs

The program was built collectively, 50 local business leaders got involved during the year-long preparation. The ambition is to provide solutions to each of the specific issues that internationally-owned company can face.

This personalized support first takes the form of free consultancies with a dedicated business adviser. Entrepreneurs can discover the region’s main economic assets with a tour, meet potential partners or clients, get help to deal with administrative issues or hire new employees.

Soon, they will receive a welcome kit which covers many topics and gives tips to ease the international workers and their families into the process. Last but not least, they can also ask for a video in their language in order to present the region to their shareholders.

Long term and evolutive support

Our goal is that these companies settle permanently, grow in our territories, create jobs and participate in the development of the regional economy in the long term” explains Christelle Morançais, President of the Pays de la Loire region. 

Several encounters with international companies have already been planned for the next few months, and the support program will be evaluated each year to adapt and improve it.

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