Arconic Fixations: Atlantic France’s support is “key for the future of the company”

USA | Arconic Fixations, part of the group previously known as Alcoa, manufactures and sells fastening systems for the aerospace and automotive industry. The company has three locations in Atlantic France: Saint-Cosme en Varias, Evron and Guérande. Pierre-Emmanuel Gires, CEO, has found the region to be key for the company and its success. 

With about 13 million dollar sales and 40,000 employees, Arconic is a strong industrial player to have working in Atlantic France. The American company has French subsidiaries which produce nuts for major companies in the fields of aeronautics and mobility such as Airbus, the Safran group, Dassault, Bombardier and PSA (Peugeot – Citroën).

From the factory with 700 employees located in Saint-Cosme en Varias, a little town in Atlantic France with 2,000 inhabitants, the CEO Pierre-Emmanuel Gires highlights Arconic’s ability to innovate and adapt the production to its clients: “We develop new technologies like titanium nuts… which are more and more needed for the aerospace industry in order to lower the weight.”

Getting financial and recruitment support

Atlantic France has been an ideal location for Arconic which received dedicated support from the Business Solutions Atlantic France economic development agency.

First, the American company obtained financial support from Atlantic France’s regional council in order to invest in its production assets (CapEx). What’s more, this enterprise requires employees with complex specialist skills and is being aided in recruiting and making its workforce progress. “We rely on the regional business agency in order to find and train these people, with the intention of growing the business”.

“We have been very happy with the kind of relations that we have developed with Business Solutions Atlantic France agency”, concludes Arconic’s CEO, who states that the benefits offered by the region and the agency are “key for the future of the company”.