Technocampus Electronique & IoT: at the forefront of innovation

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The Cité de l’objet connecté, in Angers, has become a Technocampus. This mutualized technological research platform is dedicated to electronics and the internet of things. A unique place in France to boost innovative projects in these fields.

7,900 square meters with high-tech installations, conception and testing laboratories, a processing line for prototyping, offices and more. The Technocampus Electronique & IoT which was inaugurated on December 10th near the city of Angers (Pays de la Loire) offers amazing facilities for the professionals. 

Strong support to innovate

The Technocampus Electronique & IoT is run by We Network, an association which gathers industrials and offers them tailor-made support to innovate. Its multidisciplinary team accompanies industrials from scratch to develop an innovation: proof of concept, prototyping, tests, preparation of the manufacturing process…

From writing the technical specifications to choosing the industrial partners, we were able to move from the idea to the final product in record time thanks to the expertise and the infrastructures of the Technocampus Electronique & IoT“, Franck Cherel, CEO of Parade Connect. This company invented a smart shoe which can detect and alert when the person wearing it falls.

High level training and a strong IoT ecosystem

We Network also offers training to professionals related to electronics, IoT and industrial performance, from the basics to high-level expertise. “It is a place that has no equal in France nor Europe and brings specific solutions to the electronics sector by building networks and by accompanying the companies, the manufacturers and the industrials. The main objective is to ease the processes for SMEs and manufacturers by bringing together as many things as possible in a single place”, explains Vincent Bedouin, president of We Network.

This Technocampus will benefit from the strong local IoT ecosystem (leader in Europe for the subcontracting of electronic production) that it will reinforce. Last but not least, it also complements the four other Technocampus research platforms created in Pays de la Loire. “This new Technocampus is part of an existing Technocampus network: Technocampus Composites, SmartFactory, Ocean and Food. Our goal is to cover the whole Atlantic France territory while making these resources accessible to all our companies to help them progress along their path towards the industry of the future”, concludes the Regional Council President Christelle Morançais.

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