Digital: Akeneo enters the top 40 of French tech companies

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Based in Atlantic France, Akeneo develops open source product information management software. The company is growing fast and got in the prestigious national selection of the 40 most promising tech companies. Being part of this “Next 40” will allow Akeneo to obtain dedicated support.

Founded in 2013, Akeneo became a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions. The company develops Product Information Management (PIM) software which is now used by more than 80,000 businesses worldwide.

The software is open source, but Akeneo also offers custom-made solutions and works for over 300 companies. The enterprise based in Nantes, Atlantic France, opened offices in the USA (Boston), the UK (London), Germany (Düsseldorf), Israel (Tel Aviv) and Australia (Sydney), and relies on more than 100 solution partners around the world.

Rapid growth… which is accelerating

Akeneo is growing at top speed. After having raised $46 million in September 2019, the company broke its record last year: the annual turnover increased by 80% in 2020, and even 120% for the US market which represented a quarter of the company’s activity.

After recruiting 30 people in the last months, the company now has 210 employees and is planning to hire 100 additional people in 2021.

The Next 40, a commercial showcase and tailor-made services

By entering the “Next 40” selection (named in reference to the CAC 40, the most important French stock market index), Akeneo stands out as one of the 40 most promising French tech companies. 

This status offers excellent visibility, and in particular at the international level because the company will have the opportunity to be part of delegations from the French President and government officials.

The company will also have access to dedicated support from many public services and organisations in order to be assisted in its growth, boost its international development or accelerate its IPO.

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