Security: European leader of remote surveillance Verisure expands its call centre in Angers

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Swedish company Verisure, which specialises in telesurveillance, opened its third call centre floor in Angers in September. It also plans to recruit 46 new employees by the end of the year in the Atlantic France city, proving its ability and its commitment to create jobs in France. 

Verisure set up its activities in Angers in 2019. The company chose the Atlantic France city because of its proximity to Paris and the importance of the customer service and IoT sectors there. It just opened a new floor in its Angers offices, in order to cope with its fast-growing activities. 

A third call centre floor in Angers

European leader in connected alarms with a 24/7 monitoring service, Verisure launched its third 1,000 square-meter-floor in Angers in September. The company has been experiencing an average growth of 20% per year these last 10 years. 

46 new jobs have to be filled by the end of the year in Angers, mainly assistance officers, operators and account managers, in order to face this rapid development. Angers’ offices have already welcomed 200 employees in those professions and Verisure aims to create 550 jobs by 2024 in Angers. 

750 jobs created in 3 years

Verisure argues it has created 750 jobs in 3 years in France and plans to continue its expansion with the creation of 250 jobs by the end of the year. Job openings will concern the three monitoring centers of the company: Angers, Châtenay-Malabry and Villeneuve d’Ascq.

Thanks to its 550,000 customers in France and a turnover of €288 million in 2019, Verisure can boast about being the leader in the market for telesurveillance in Europe. Founded in 1988, the company operates in 16 countries, has 16,000 employees, and more than 3.6 million customers worldwide. 

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