Unikname Connect: an authentication solution secured by blockchain to track Covid-19 patients

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Photo by Dan Nelson on Unsplash

The Nantes start-up Space Elephant, created in 2018, invented Unikname Connect. Based on blockchain, the tool allows secure user connection on the Web. The company is willing to use its technology in a Covid-19 tracking app.

Many countries are working on tracing mobile apps allowing all previous physical contacts of a Covid-19 patient to be informed. In France, the app under development is named StopCovid. 

Security and privacy experts warned that this kind of tool could represent a threat for sensitive private data. The Nantes-based start-up Space Elephant is therefore proposing to use its innovative authentication solution. 

An alternative to solutions such as “login with Facebook”

Unikname Connect was born as a European alternative to GAFAM’s solution for social authentication”, explains the start-up Space Elephant on its website. 

The Unikname authentication solution is similar to the “login with Facebook” functionality. When a user wants to access a website or an app which requires logging in, they have to use their username and allow the connection through the Unikname app. 

Based on blockchain, the technology ensures optimal security and privacy. It has required two years of R&D and has been tested for six months by important companies such as the postal service company La Poste.

A privacy-friendly Covid tracking app

Space Elephant is proposing to use its authentication solution to secure and anonymize the Covid tracking app that the French government is planning to launch in a few weeks. 

People would not need to use their name, their email address, their National insurance number nor any confidential data. The Covid-19 test results would be stored anonymously in a semi-public blockchain by the medical analysis laboratories. 

The users could then access their results through the app and thanks to their Unikname username. To deploy this innovative and privacy-friendly solution, Space Elephant is currently looking for partners.

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