Plant production: Bioplants develops its organic herbs for B2B

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The Angers-based producer of organic aromatic herbs Bioplants recently launched a new brand of edible microgreens, Inouï, which is aimed at professionals in the catering industry.

Bioplants is a subsidiary of Max Schwarz AG and is based in Les-Ponts-de-Cé, near Angers (Atlantic France). The company recently revealed its new collection of young plants for professionals, which goes by the name Inouï. These microgreens are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilisers, reflecting Bioplants’ commitment to sustainable and responsible farming.

Inouï microgreens are available in three ranges, each designed to complement and enhance food preparation. 

  • The “Powerful” range adds a spicy kick to dishes with mustard, nasturtium, radish, and rocket
  • The “Surprising” range, featuring borage, peas, and sunflower, astonishes with its unique textures and flavours
  • The “Subtle” range adds a splash of colour with its basil and coriander flavouring

The microgreens are grown at a production site certified with High Environmental Value (HEV) near Angers. The entire range is eco-designed from start to finish, with compostable trays and recyclable cardboard packaging.

Organic plants, a market in full bloom

Bioplants’ move to cater to professionals is part of its ambitious plan to increase its annual production to over 6 million pots. The company has invested €8.7 million in a new production site in Les Ponts-de-Cé in order to achieve this goal. In fact, not long ago, it doubled its production rate of aromatic herbs.

The Inouï range is now available in Metro warehouses in the Atlantic France region, including Angers, Nantes, Tours, and Le Mans. This expansion into the professional market is a testament to the plant production company’s innovative spirit and its ability to adapt to the evolving needs of its customers.

Key figures

€8.7 million invested by Bioplants in a new production site

A 6 million pot  production goal

4 points of sale aimed at professionals in the region

Towards a sustainable future

Bioplants’ focus on organic and sustainable farming practices aligns with the global shift towards more environmentally friendly business practices. In fact, the company’s success in the plant production sector underscores the potential for businesses that prioritise sustainability and innovation. 

Atlantic France is a region teeming with opportunities, particularly in the plant production sector. Bioplants’ success story is a testament to the region’s favourable business environment and its commitment to innovation and sustainability.

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