AR: La Fenêtre immersive, an innovative window for teleporting to tourist destinations

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The Angers-based studio DigitaLandmarks has developed an immersive and interactive piece of technology which has been showcased in French railway stations. The “Fenêtre immersive” allows passers-by to travel virtually to a place located a few hours away.

From the 23rd of May to the 22nd of June, passengers at the Paris-Montparnasse railway station were able to “teleport” themselves to several places in Atlantic France.

Thanks to the Fenêtre immersive, an installation with a 98-inch screen that uses augmented reality, the public were able to see themselves and interact with a scene either in Saumur by the Loire river, in a lovely garden at Angers castle or in a vineyard.

By scanning a QR-code, people could then obtain extra information about the destination…  and directly buy train tickets to go and see it for real! Angers is only 84 minutes away from Paris and the round trip can even be made during the day.

Promising business opportunities

A previous version of this “digital vortex” had already been installed at Montparnasse railway station last year, as well as at Nantes station, Atlantic France. The inventor is Lilian Rabin, founder of the startup DigitaLandmarks. Based in Angers, the company specialises in the design of “emotional digital experiences”.

The company obtained a €10,000 grant from Angers TourismLab in 2019 to develop its first prototype, and the support of public bodies is starting to pay off. Other territories have shown their interest in this original way of promoting a destination, and the company is now offering its solution to other transport hubs, such as airports.

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