Mobility: Dietsmann joins the innovative MissionH24 project to develop hydrogen powered racing car

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Dietsmann has joined the hydrogen powered car project MissionH24 in Le Mans. The global leaders in the operation and maintenance of energy production sites will be working on a prototype to prepare for a hydrogen fueled category in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 2024. 

The innovative project MissionH24 is now backed by the major industrial Dietsmann. With 287 businesses and 21,222 employees in the automotive sector in Atlantic France, this news just adds to the growing attractiveness of the region. 

From car manufacturers like Renault to companies such as Lhyfe developing green hydrogen, as well as being home to the world famous 24 Hours of Le Mans, Atlantic France is a region where innovative projects like MissionH24 can take place. 

An environmentally sustainable race in Atlantic France

The development of the innovative racing car H24 was started by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, organiser of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, alongside GreenGT. The prototype will run the first hydrogen powered category car race at Le Mans in 2024. 

Having Dietsmann join the project is a positive step towards achieving the MissionH24 goal according to Jean-Michel Bouresche, Head of H24Mission Operations and the H24 Racing Team, as he states in a press release: “A leading player in engineering for the energy sector, Dietsmann is a high-tech company that, like us, works every day to build the world of tomorrow.” 

Innovation for technology of the future

Dietsmann will play a very beneficial role in the project, analysing the energy transition and any technical issues involved when producing green hydrogen cars. The MissionH24 project is a fantastic way to showcase the innovation that comes from Atlantic France with many ideas that will lead to the technology of the future. 

As an energy service company, the group supports all energies of the future. Dietsmann is proud to sponsor MissionH24 as a unique experience for the future of mobility” explains the founder and managing director of Dietsmann, Peter Kütemann.

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