Industry: Spanish company Comas TM sets up its first European subsidiary in Atlantic France

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The family business Comas TM specialises in the repair and maintenance of turbomachines, which are used across many industries. The engineering company from Blanes, between Barcelona and Girona (Spain), has chosen Nantes as the location for its French base.

Turbomachines, used in energy production and air compression, operate at very high speeds for high-intensity applications. They are used for numerous purposes: biomass, plastics, refineries, etc. Created in 1954, the company which is known as TM Comas in Spain has made this sector its main area of expertise (Comas is the name of its founder and TM stands for turbomachinery). 

The company is an expert in precision machining and specialises in rotating machinery and complex equipment. TM Comas has also developed a process for surface treatment engineering that includes a wide range of thermal spray techniques and laser additive manufacturing.

TM Comas has 60 employees and achieved a turnover of €8 million in 2022. The company has rare skills and operates in nuclear energy, oil & gas, and any industry with turbomachinery. By setting up in Nantes under the name Comas TM, the group has created its first European subsidiary.

Atlantic France: a strong industrial background and top skills

The company has been working with French customers for over 10 years and usually generates €1m in sales in the country. The new subsidiary has been set up in Nantes for three main reasons: 

  • Olivier Dewez, CEO of Comas Turbomachinery SAS, has studied and worked in Atlantic France
  • The region has a dynamic industrial ecosystem, with key partners in the chemical and marine renewables sectors
  • Nantes and Atlantic France have high-quality engineering schools which makes recruiting talent easy: by the end of 2024, Comas TM plans to locally recruit 4 or 5 engineers and technicians to provide repair and maintenance services to existing and future customers

We are delighted to set up in Nantes, a city at the heart of a particularly dynamic region, with an efficient transport and communications network and the opportunity to recruit highly skilled staff. The Atlantic France region has been very welcoming to us and our activities.

Olivier Dewez, CEO of Comas Turbomachinery SAS

Tailor-made support

Business Solutions Atlantic France has been supporting the project since October by putting the Managing director in touch with trusted experts (banks, accountants, direct debits) and has offered financial assistance to help launch the business.

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