Marine renewables: Meta chooses GEPS Techno autonomous platform to boost its submarine cables

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© GEPS Techno/Jacques Vapillon

The global social networking company, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) has shown its interest in the groundbreaking offshore solution developed by GEPS Techno. The company, based in Atlantic France, invented a hybrid autonomous platform which converts wave and solar energy into electricity.

Created in Saint-Nazaire in 2011 and now based in Guérande, GEPS Techno is an innovative company which is at the forefront of Atlantic France’s dynamic marine renewables economy

Jean-Luc Longeroche, CEO and co-founder of the SME, revealed in the local newspaper Ouest France that the American group Meta had confirmed its wish to work with them in order to multiply the power of its submarine cables by ten.

Wavegem: a multi-purpose renewable energy platform 

GEPS Techno has developed a prototype called Wavegem. This medium-power, autonomous platform can generate up to 1 MW of electricity from its patented wave technology and photovoltaic solar panels. It uses an innovative wave technology which is based on the circulation of seawater through a low speed turbine, which is then integrated into a large, yellow buoy.

On the 6th of November, Wavegem returned to the port of Saint-Nazaire after being tested under real conditions for two years at the Sem-Rev experimental offshore site. The solution can supply reliable and renewable power sources to players which do not have access to the electricity grid. Being versatile, the solution can therefore be used in many sectors such as marine renewables, oil & gas, aquaculture… and also internet submarine cables, in which Meta has shown an interest.

At GEPS Techno, we believe that the oceans are the energy reserves of the future […] With its innovative technologies and its customer-oriented culture, GEPS Techno intends to exploit the huge energy field of the oceans in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way.

Jean-Luc Longeroche, CEO

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