Hydrogen Planet: in Atlantic France, we are shaping a sustainable future

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We will be at the international event HyVolution (11th-12th of May 2022). It will be an opportunity to demonstrate the remarkable dynamism of the Atlantic France region in the field of green hydrogen. In this region, many innovative companies are inventing solutions for a better tomorrow and are strongly supported by research labs, tech centres and public institutions. A collective called Hydrogen Planet has been created to foster exchanges.

Hydrogen is at the heart of Atlantic France’s strategy to combine ecology and economic growth. In July 2020, the regional council announced a €100 million investment plan to help develop the sector. Over €10 million has already been allocated to support the roll-out of the first innovation projects, the first production units and hydrogen fueling stations. 

The objective is to become a benchmark territory in the production of green hydrogen by 2030, with concrete goals such as:

  • Covering 100% of the new hydrogen needs through renewable regional production
  • Deploying 15 hydrogen fueling stations 
  • Setting up 10 hydrogen ecosystems (see below) 
  • Putting 15,000 hydrogen vehicles into circulation
  • Creating specialised training courses on hydrogen

Territorial hydrogen ecosystems

In order to develop the hydrogen sector, from production to end use and everything in between, territorial ecosystems are being created. One is already active: H2 Ouest, in Vendée and Le Mans, with the pioneering startup Lhyfe

Four others are being deployed: Vhygo, for the region-wide installation of large-scale renewable hydrogen production capacities, which are directly connected to wind turbines; H2 Loire Vallée, in Saint-Nazaire, for the development of hydrogen in the industrial and port sectors; ECOH2, in Le Mans; and one in the region of Angers as well.

Innovative projects on sustainable hydrogen

In Atlantic France, cutting-edge hydrogen projects are being carried out in various fields such as sailing and shipbuilding, marine renewables, land mobility, aeronautics and industry. 

The players which will be with us at HyVolution (11-12 May 2022) will present their solutions, starting with the production of hydrogen: Lhyfe uses wind power, Qairos Energy the gasification of hemp, Athena Recherche et Innovation uses wastewater, and Farwind Energy marine renewables. Others are working on how to use this green fuel in all kinds of vehicles, such as the retrofit garage e-Néo, MAN Energy Solutions, CIAM Europe Technologies or FETIS Group, or in the manufacturing industry such as Kohler-Soreel and CMAR.

In addition, other Atlantic France companies with skills in the hydrogen value chain will accompany us at the event. They will be able to benefit from a guided tour with the objective of generating future partnerships and developing their hydrogen strategy.

A collective called Hydrogen planet

In order to accelerate and structure the development of the hydrogen sector, the Atlantic France regional council has launched a collective organisation under the name Hydrogen Planet and the baseline “Atlantic energy shaping the future”. The collective joins together the regional council and its regional economic development agency Solutions&co, innovation and research centres, major industrial players and innovative startups. 

Over the past year, working groups have been set up with all the regional partners in order to organise events dedicated to hydrogen and bring together research and industry. The objective is to unify around a common identity, and the presence at HyVolution is part of this dynamic. 

Are you in the hydrogen sector? Do you believe that using green fuel could improve your business? Contact us or come to our pavilion at HyVolution 2022!

> Booths F07 & F13 – Atlantic France regional pavilion
Co-exhibitors: Athena Recherche et Innovation, CIAM® – Europe Technologies, CMAR, E-Neo, Farwind Energy, FETIS Group, MAN Energy Solutions, Qairos Energies, Kohler-Soreel

> Booth H41

> Booth K08
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