International investments in Atlantic France: 2,202 jobs created or maintained in 2020!

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Last year was complicated for businesses, with the health crisis having direct consequences on companies and producing a significant decline of over 30% in global investments in the world. And yet, Atlantic France has managed to strengthen its attractiveness and welcome 63 international investment projects representing 2,202 jobs created or maintained. An increase of 4.65% compared to 2019 which was already a very good year.

Business France has recently published its annual report. While international investments have fallen by 30% globally and 17% at the French level, Atlantic France continues to progress in a challenging context: in 2020, our region was home to 63 international investment projects (+1.6% compared to 2019), representing 2,202 jobs created or maintained (+4.65%). An all-time record.

Investments from both internal and external international companies

Atlantic France is an attractive region for businesses and welcomes over 1,000 internationally-owned companies. Last year, more than half of the international investment projects in Atlantic France were led by these companies, reinforcing their presence in our region such as Scania and Claas

Another interesting example is that of the manufacturer of luxury catamarans Privilège Marine, in Les Sables d’Olonne, which has benefited from the support of its German shareholder HanseYachts by recruiting 55 employees in 2020 and which is already anticipating to hire over 40 people in the first semester of 2021.

But the region also welcomed 30 new companies in 2020, such as the startups Vectice and Wello, packaging manufacturers and other industrials making the most of the national recovery plan France Relance, marine renewable specialists, etc. 

Germany and the United States are the top international investors in Atlantic France

Germany was already the top investing country in Atlantic France, and 2020 confirmed the trend: the projects led by German companies represented 17% of international investments in Atlantic France, followed by the United-States (16%) and Italy (10%). In terms of jobs, the most important investments were made by companies from Germany, the USA and Switzerland (19%), followed by Canada (13%) and Ireland (10%).

The investment projects covered many economic sectors, but 51% of them were related to production and 21% to logistics, proving once again the importance of industry in Atlantic France.

A collective effort to attract international investors

Our economic development agency Solutions&co operates at the regional level, but in line with key local players which make up our Invest International Hub: Nantes-Saint-Nazaire Développement, Aldev, Le Mans Développement, Laval Economie, Oryon, Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port. 

At the national level, Atlantic France was closely involved in the creation of the “Team France Invest”, officially launched on February 26th, and which aims to collectively promote the new brand for France’s international attractiveness, “Choose France”. 

Download the national annual report

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