Marine renewables: Farra Marine anchors its French venture in Nantes

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Farra Marine has set its sights on Atlantic France as the location for its latest expansion. The Irish maritime company specialises in both crew transfer and cargo vessels for offshore wind farms. This move signals a strategic shift towards strengthening its presence in the European market.

Founded in 2019 by Martin Rice and Jason Parker, both seasoned maritime engineers, Farra Marine has rapidly grown into a prominent player in the offshore renewables sector. In just a few years, the Irish company has formed a fleet of eight state-of-the-art Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs), each capable of accommodating up to 24 passengers. 

They are already gearing up for the delivery of six more vessels by the end of the first quarter in 2024 and are aiming to have a fleet of 40 vessels operating throughout Europe within the next five years. 

Strategic positioning in the European market

Farra Marine’s decision to set up shop in Nantes is no mere coincidence. Atlantic France is the leading French region in the marine renewables industry, Nantes is ideally located close to the first offshore wind farms, and the company has received decisive support from local economic agencies to help with setting up a subsidiary. These partnerships were instrumental in the establishment of Farra Marine France, as they provided invaluable support and resources. 

Audrey Leconte, Head of European Business Development at Farra Marine, on Nantes Saint-Nazaire Développement website

Training the future CTV crews

The company currently employs 70 people and is planning to recruit close to 30 more professionals by the start of 2024. However, the company needs to train this workforce in CTV operations as they are very specific. 

To address this challenge, Farra Marine is therefore in discussions with regional authorities and the local offshore wind ecosystem, so as to enhance dedicated marine renewables training with a strong commitment to safety (the company’s major focus).

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