Industry: Malongo relocates the production of its coffee machine in Atlantic France with Prodlab

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The innovative company Prodlab from Vendée is manufacturing Malongo’s new coffee maker, Eoh. As it was produced in China before, the design has been entirely reinvented to obtain a similar production cost. The machine is 100% repairable and guaranteed for 5 years.

How to manufacture goods without increasing costs despite more expensive labor? By optimising the product design and the production process.

The French coffee specialist Malongo used to manufacture its machine in China. The new model called Eoh is now produced in Vendée, Atlantic France, by the company Prodlab. All its strategic components come from France.

The “production laboratory” has redesigned the machine to go from 140 pieces to just 70! The R&D took 3 years, but this allows the production to be easier and faster, and the final cost is similar to that of the previous model.

A 5-year warranty and a repairable machine

Malongo is known for its societal and environmental commitment, the brand being famous for its fair trade and ecological coffees.

The 100,000 machines produced each year in Vendée are therefore eco-designed, recyclable and 100% repairable. To fight against planned obsolescence, Malongo offers a 5-year warranty and a home repair service for its product sold at €119.90.

Prodlab: manufacturer of innovative products

More than 20 positions have been opened by Prodlab to produce the Eoh machine. The company used to produce some of NatéoSanté’s air purifiers and currently manufactures the Babycook of Beaba.

Prodlab (€7.6 million turnover in 2021) also develops its own range of products under the name Novven and in particular has invented an innovative wardrobe for drying and disinfecting work clothes and personal protective equipment.

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