Healthcare: the air purifier specialist NatéoSanté invests €1.5 million in production facilities

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With the Covid-19 pandemic, air quality is a trending topic and NatéoSanté is growing fast. Its air purifiers are effective against the spread of the virus, but also many other pollutants. The company from Saint-Hilaire-de-Chaléons, near Nantes, will invest €1.5 million to integrate part of the production of its devices.

A French designer and manufacturer, NatéoSanté was founded in 2009, but grew suddenly 10 years after because of the Coronavirus crisis. Between 2019 and 2020, the company from Atlantic France multiplied its sales of air purifiers by 5!

Thanks to HEPA or ULPA filters, the innovative devices developed by NateoSanté eliminate 99.99% of fine particles and 99.97% of odours, Volatile Organic Compounds, dust, bacteria, smoke, gases, etc.

A protection against viruses such as SARS-CoV-2

NateoSanté required a French independent laboratory to carry out tests on the effectiveness of its solution against the SARS-CoV-2 which causes Covid-19. A probative result detailed by the company on its blog: “after only ten minutes of operation, the EOLIS Air Manager purifier eliminates 99.6% of the coronavirus present in the air.

The company’s sales exploded, both in France and abroad (nearly half of the sales were international), and all kinds of professional clients are buying NateoSanté’s air purifiers. For example, the town hall of the 8th arrondissement of Paris announced in June that it would install those devices in all its school canteens.

Investing €1.5 million to secure production in Atlantic France

The air purifiers are manufactured by a partner in Avrillé, near Angers, Atlantic France. Locating the production in France appeared to be a strategic choice given the supply difficulties due to the Covid crisis. 

To handle the demand growth, NateoSanté therefore decided to invest in its own production facilities. The company allocated €1.5 million to develop the 200 sqm first floor of its current building and build a workshop of more than 1,000 sqm next to it.

10% of the cost of the project will be supported by the France Relance recovery plan. It should be completed by 2023 and 12 recruitments are planned.

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