Industrial automation: RIOU Glass invests €1.6 million in its Atlantic France factory

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Created in 1973, the factory RIOU Glass VIO is dedicated to the manufacturing and transformation of flat glass. Despite the pandemic, the company RIOU Glass announced an investment of €1.6 million to automatise the factory located at Parné-sur-Roc, in Mayenne (Atlantic France). 

RIOU Glass acquired the factory VIO in 2009. Founded in Atlantic France nearly 50 years ago, the site produces 350,000 sqm of high-performance insulating glass each year. The company is going to invest €1.6 million in order to increase the site’s competitiveness with the installation of a new integrated management tool (ERP), the automation of its machinery production and the renovation of the infrastructure. 

This investment pursues RIOU Glass’ will to modernise its French production units. Between 2019 and 2020, the company invested €4 million in its historical plant in Normandie with a 800 sqm extension and the modernisation of its equipment.

100% automated production line and waste reduction

The investments in the Atlantic France factory will lead to the creation of a new 100% automated production line. Industrial automation constitutes a key challenge in the manufacturing of glass products: the technology enables the production to be increased while reducing material loss. 

Thanks to the new production line, an integrated management tool, but also two new systems which will allow remaining materials to be reused and waste to be reduced, up to 6% of loss will be avoided.

RIOU Glass VIO has always been a glass site at the forefront of innovation. The installation of a new information system coupled with the latest automated production tools allows us to be even more competitive and efficient. These investments place our know-how and our jobs in the future, while offering a higher level of services to our customers.

Rodney Litou, Director of RIOU Glass VIO site in Mayenne, Atlantic France 

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