In Atlantic France, over 2 million trees by 2024 to build a smart wood industry

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The Pays de la Loire regional council presented an ambitious action plan for the wood and forestry sector. Two million trees will be planted within the next four years and many subsidies will be granted to increase wood supply and modernize the industry.

11% of the Atlantic France territory is covered with woods. The regional council is aiming to preserve and increase this natural resource with the help of local authorities, associations and companies.

The region will therefore support the association Atlanbois to plant 1 million trees within the next four years. In addition, a carbon offset fund will be created. Financed voluntarily by local authorities and companies, it will aim to plant another million trees by 2024.

Lungs for Nature…

The regional action plan also includes dedicated subsidies for reforestation initiatives: €1.5 million to participate in the plantation of 1,000 hectares of forest (in particular, poplars), €200,000 a year to support “a birth – a tree” programmes,  financial help to the Angers-based association Plante et cité which promotes the plantation of trees in town centers and much more. 

 The regional council will also support the Timb’air programme of Atlanbois through a €400,000 subvention over 4 years. Its objective is to valorize the advantages of wood in storing carbon dioxide and reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.

…and green material for industry 4.0

In Atlantic France territory, the wood industry represents 7,100 companies and 31,400 jobs. The ambition is to develop this sector by encouraging the utilisation of wooden materials in building construction and renovation, but also supporting wood boilers and heat network projects.

Last but not least, €4 million will be dedicated to deploying the industry of the future plan in the wood sector (of which €2 million will be used to modernize sawmills), and to support the internationalization of these companies.

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