Sustainable transportation: Windcoop is raising funds to build a sailing container ship

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Atlantic France is home to innovative projects aiming to increase the use of wind propulsion solutions in maritime logistics. A new cooperative company called Windcoop was created recently and has launched a fundraising operation, including a crowdfunding round, to finance its €20 million project. Objective: build a commercial sailing cargo by 2025.

Zéphyr & Borée is a pioneer in the field of green maritime transportation. The Nantes-based shipping company is planning to launch Canopée at the end of the year. This first modern sail-powered cargo ship was built to transport the Ariane 6 space launcher from Europe to French Guiana.

A few months ago, Zéphyr & Borée co-founded a new cooperative business with Arcadie, an importer of organic spices which will be the main client, and Julien Noé, founder of Enercoop, a cooperative green energy supplier. Windcoop aims to build a sailing ship which will allow for up to a 90% reduction in fossil fuel usage.

A €20 million project with some collaborative funding

The Windcoop ship will transport products from Marseille to Madagascar and will pass by the French overseas department Mayotte. It will have an overall length of 70 meters and a capacity of 60 to 68 TEU. It will be powered by 1,460 sqm of sails and a biofuel auxiliary engine. Around two years will be necessary to build it. Windcoop plans to open the line in 2025, and then to open another after a new fundraising round.

The cost of this first project is estimated at €20 million. To finance part of this investment, the partners decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign in order to allow everyone to be part of this revolution in sea logistics. Individuals can therefore become shareholders with participations starting at €100. The crowdfunding goal has been set between €500,000 and €1.5 million.

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