Digital: the opportunities of the metaverse in Atlantic France 

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The metaverse could embody a new 5.0 digital revolution. Often presented as a vector for new sources of growth and wealth for businesses, it also faces challenges that require cutting-edge expertise to overcome. In Atlantic France, the digital sector is key, and various players are standing out in the field of augmented and virtual reality.

The word metaverse is a contraction of the words meta and universe. It embraces the aggregation of the most innovative immersive technologies. Using new-generation applications (3D, immersive headsets, IoT, artificial intelligence, big data, etc.), a virtual world that represents an extension of the physical world is created. 

From the creation and development of new markets to the strengthening of teamwork/ interaction when collaborating remotely, and the deployment of a new user experience, the expected benefits for SMEs remain encouraging.

Metaverse players in Atlantic France 

In Atlantic France, a number of metaverse players are already established in the region and are helping to bring virtual worlds closer to businesses. Here are three examples of innovative companies:

  1. this Angers-based company is developing a platform that will enable brands to manage their presence in virtual worlds
  2. Retail VR: this Nantes-based startup offers a SaaS platform for 3D commerce
  3. Komodal: based in Laval, the company is a leading provider of services and advice on metaverses and virtual worlds.

Many uses and strategic challenges

From entertainment to e-commerce, there are many areas of application for the metaverse, including:

  • Professional training
  • Meeting rooms and virtual offices
  • Tourism
  • The video game industry
  • Maintenance support
  • Healthcare
  • Augmented telepresence
  • Online shopping

Putting their trust in these innovations, the tech giants and several precursor countries, such as the United States and China, are investing considerable amounts in this new technology. The metaverse is emerging, but it’s hard to know what it will look like in a few years, as the stakes are so high:

  • Technological challenges: while the current level of technological maturity is sufficient to implement metaverses, there are still many tools to be invented to make the experience truly immersive
  • Financial uncertainty: while the metaverse could become a veritable Eldorado for brands and companies, at the moment no one can be sure of the relevance of these huge investments
  • Security issues: there is a legislative framework for controlling online activity, but the metaverse raises a number of new issues ranging from data confidentiality to security
  • Environmental concerns: while some experts believe that the metaverse could have positive repercussions, others see it as a source of negative impact (the metaverse would add datacentres, virtual reality headsets, and screens to the mass production of digital terminals)

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West Data Festival: the key event for AI & data businesses in Atlantic France

From the 12th to the 14th of March, the city of Laval will host the 6th edition of the West Data Festival. 

Created by Laval Mayenne Technopole in 2019, the West Data Festival is the largest event dedicated to data and artificial intelligence in Western France. Last year, 1000 participants and 110 speakers were present.

Its objective is to help businesses better understand the issues and challenges related to the use of AI and data by meeting experts and by participating in workshops. In 2023, the 3-day festival also became the major annual event of the European Digital Innovation Hub DIVA, which was recently funded by the European Union, and aims to promote a human-centric vision for AI and data innovation.

The West Data Festival will revolve around very varied themes and will include conferences on cybersecurity, business intelligence, data management, deep learning, energy, supply chains, IoT, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, etc. 

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