Le Voyage à Nantes: 10 years of the artistic and poetic trail in the city

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A gigantic roller derby track © Photographie Poltred

From the 3rd of July and until the 12th of September, the main city of Atlantic France hosts the 10th edition of the atypical artistic course Le Voyage à Nantes. The festival plays an important role in the attractiveness of the city and develops strong relations with local businesses.  

Le Voyage à Nantes is a summer itinerary inviting visitors to discover the 6th largest city in France. Indicated by a green line drawn on the ground of the streets, the route passes by temporary and permanent modern urban artworks.

Let yourself drift from a work signed by one of today’s great artists to a remarkable element of our heritage, from classic sites to unknown treasures, from a historic alleyway to a contemporary piece of architecture, from a surprising vista onto the city to a sunset on the Loire estuary…

The 2021 edition of Le Voyage à Nantes, which takes place from the 3rd of July to the 12th of September, once again offers interesting experiences of urban art: a gigantic roller derby track, a boat stranded in a fountain, a beaver on a lying tree, a tramway entirely decorated by an artist, etc.

Significant economical benefits and a strong link with local businesses

Le Voyage à Nantes is organised by a local publicly-owned corporation which brings together all the local governments of the region of Nantes and which manages other major tourist attractions such as the famous Machines de l’Île and the Castle of Nantes.

The effects of this organisation set up 10 years ago are very positive: between 2010 and 2018, the region experienced an increase of 71% in the annual number of nights spent in commercial accommodation. Visitors spent about €55 million during the summer of 2018 while the art event cost €3 million.

In addition, Le Voyage à Nantes has forged close ties with the business world. Some companies have sponsored artworks, and side events are organised to promote local companies such as Travel through the vineyards from Nantes to Clisson and the Tables de Nantes restaurant selection.

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