Digital: the announcement cards specialist Rosemood has been acquired by German company Celebrate

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L’Atelier Rosemood, based in Nantes in the Atlantic France region, has announced its acquisition by Celebrate, the German leader in personalised cards through its brand dedicated to stationery, Kartenmacherei. 

The announcement card business is growing. In order to consolidate its dominant position in this market, the German company Celebrate has acquired its French counterpart, which is based in Atlantic France. 

Over the last 10 years, L’Atelier Rosemood has become one of France’s leaders in the announcement card market and has also diversified into the photo-album market with premium positioning.

Two companies founded on the same values

Created in Nantes in 2010, Atelier Rosemood employs more than 120 people. The company’s 2021 turnover amounted to €13.5 million, which represented a growth of 17% when compared with the previous year.

The company is joining forces with Celebrate, the German leader in personalised cards. With Kartenmacherei, its brand dedicated to stationery, Celebrate shares the same care and quality of personalisation as Rosemood. 

The two companies are founded on similar values, so the merger was an obvious choice for Rosemood’s founders; two of them (Hélène Germain and Grégoire Monconduit) kept their position and even reinvested 50% of the transaction amount in the joint company. 

Strategic investments and strong growth

This merger between Rosemood and Celebrate should enable an exchange of expertise and increased investment in new technologies such as artificial intelligence.

With the integration of Rosemood, Celebrate now has nearly 500 employees spread over 6 sites: 4 in Germany (Gilching, Schramberg, Hamburg and Munich) and 2 in France – Nantes and Treillières (just outside Nantes). The group plans to achieve an annual growth rate of 30% and a turnover of €100 million in 2022.

Germany is the #1 investor

Did you know that Germany is the top investing country in Atlantic France, representing over 250 firms and more than 12,000 jobs? Last year, 18% of the business projects led by internationally-owned companies in Atlantic France were from Germany.


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