eHealth specialist Doctolib chooses Atlantic France to establish its regional headquarters

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The IT company Doctolib elected Nantes to install its second French base after Paris. The city in Atlantic France has been chosen from a list of 10 cities thanks to the quality of its talent pool in digital and its quality of life assets. Over the next three years, 500 employees should be incorporated in Nantes’ office.

The website Doctolib organised 250 million medical appointments last year. The French company was founded in 2013. It started with an online scheduling service for health practitioners and has become the European leader of eHealth. Around 125,000 practitioners and hospitals are using its solutions.

Doctolib also offers telemedicine services and is now ranked among the top 3 providers of online medical consultations in the world. The demand exploded during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the number of online consultations booked on Doctolib rising from 1,000 to 100,000 per day in just one month.

Installation in Nantes for its talent pool and quality of life

Based in Paris, Doctolib was looking for a French city to install its regional headquarters. The city of Nantes has been chosen among a list of 10 French metropolises for the quality of Atlantic France´s professional and living environments. 

We were looking for a city offering an important talent pool in digital, commercial profiles and customer service, but also a pleasant living environment for our current and future employees. Nantes has perfectly fulfilled the specifications”, explained Matthieu Birach, HR Director of Doctolib.

500 employees by 2023

Also present in Germany since 2016, Doctolib is growing fast. The company currently employs 1,400 people and plans to triple this figure in the next few years! 

The regional headquarters in Nantes which will open by the summer should benefit from this dynamic. They will host 200 employees at the opening and the company expects to increase the workforce to 500 people in three years.

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