Digital: Crisp, an innovative messaging platform to improve customer experience

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Crisp develops a multi-channel conversational platform for customer engagement. The company based in Nantes, Atlantic France, is growing at a cracking pace both within France and worldwide. The platform is now used by 180 million people each month.

In 2020, Crisp increased its turnover by 80%! The company created in Nantes in 2015 is therefore in the spotlight for its recent growth. Like another tech company in Atlantic France specialised in conversational marketing, iAdvize, its results were boosted by the coronavirus pandemic and the greater digitisation of customer service.

Live chat, chatbots, email campaigns… and much more

The web-based software developed by Crisp allows you to connect with your customers via many channels. Firstly, the solution offers an innovative and versatile live chat tool to use on your website which can be handled by a chatbot (in particular when no human agent is online). 

Crisp is also a shared inbox which can centralise messages received through different channels (such as your website, email inboxes, social media, WhatsApp or Telegram conversations, etc.). It is a powerful piece of CRM software allowing personalised email and in-app campaigns to be launched.

The SaaS solution also allows you to create valuable tools for your customers such as a knowledge base or a public status page. Last but not least, it can be connected to all kinds of web services such as WordPress, Facebook messenger, Salesforce, Slack, etc.

Quick and international growth

Crisp made a real breakthrough last year and its chatbox is now used by more than 180 million people each month. The solution has been adopted by 300,000 companies worldwide including major groups such as Mailjet, Rakuten, Air France and Renault.

The MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) is increasing from 5 to 10% each month and 84% of the company’s turnover is made outside of France. These sensational results were obtained with a team of only 10 people (now 11) and without external fundraising.

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