Coronavirus: iAdvize switches customer relationship to online and reveals ecommerce insights

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iAdvize is the European leader in conversational marketing. The Nantes-based company is helping physical shops to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic and started a weekly trend watch.

In March, the number of conversational agents created on iAdvize was 1015% higher than in April 2019! Many shops had to close their doors with the containment measures, and the click-to-chat and click-to-call SaaS tools developed by the tech company based in Atlantic France were more useful than ever.

A perfect solution to redeploy sales representatives to digital

In a case study published on its blog, iAdvize takes the example of a client in the sports retail industry. This company was able to transfer its sales workforce very quickly from physical shops to digital. In a few days, more than 400 advisers switched to online chatting, working remotely from their homes. 

On March 16th, 5,690 conversations were handled in a single day, 10 times more than on March 2nd. Thanks to this strategy, the brand preserved the customer satisfaction and improved the website’s commercial results: the average order value increased by 61% after a discussion with an agent.

A weekly trend watch for ecommerce professionals

From the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic until early April, iAdvize registered more than 18 million messages. The platform decided to set up monitoring tools in order to analyze the digital market’s evolution and now publishes key ecommerce data on its blog each week

Between the last week of February and the last week of March, iAdvize observed, for example, that the conversations augmented by 35% in the consumer products industry, whereas it went down by 42% in the travel and transportation sectors. On the other  hand, a semantic analysis of the conversations showed that delivery issues became a major concern for online customers by March 16th.

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