Composite materials: spotlight on two JEC Innovation award-winning projects

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Composite materials are increasingly being used in various industries due to their versatility and their benefits, such as strength and lightness. In fact, two projects led in Atlantic France have been recognised for their innovative use of composite materials.

Composite materials are becoming increasingly relevant in various industries, offering a range of benefits from improved strength to reduced weight. France has been active in this field and it’s one of several countries contributing to advancements in the use of these materials.

At the previous JEC World event, two projects from Atlantic France received awards for their innovative approaches. They both offer insights into how composite materials are being used to address specific challenges in the maritime and aerospace sectors.

The Solid Sail mast by Chantiers de l’Atlantique

Atlantic France is at the forefront of innovation in the field of sail propulsion and is home to the dedicated event Wind for Goods as well as the professional association Wind Ship, which promotes wind propulsion in maritime transport.

The boat manufacturer Chantiers de l’Atlantique is leading an ambitious project that aims to revolutionise the sailing industry by industrialising the production of large masts for cargo ships. The end product, Solid Sail, is a large mast made from preformed carbon pieces, designed to adapt to market prices and deadlines.

It offers several advantages, such as increased productivity and reduced production costs. It also aims for a higher standard of quality and greater consistency in serial manufacturing.

A Krueger Flap in composite thermoplastic by the Cetim

Another project that has garnered attention is the fabrication of a Krueger flap (a lift enhancer) in composite thermoplastic by the industrial technical centre Cetim. This project was part of the European R&D project SWING and it focuses on aerospace applications.

The project uses an automated in-situ thermoplastic consolidation process, offering benefits like reduced production costs and improved product quality. It also aims for repeatability and reliability in the manufacturing process.

Composites Meetings in Nantes in November 

If you are interested in the field of composite materials, the 9th edition of the Composites Meetings event will be held in Nantes, Atlantic France, on the 15th and 16th of November. Organised by the EMC2 competitiveness cluster and ABE (Advanced Business Events), this event aims to bring together international users and suppliers of composite materials. 

More than just a conference, the event is a hub of innovation and a meeting ground for the industry’s brightest minds. It offers a platform for networking, technological surveillance, and identifying emerging needs and solutions in the composite materials sector.

The event offers a unique format, featuring 40-minute pre-scheduled meetings between international suppliers and users of composite materials. It’s a valuable opportunity for professionals to search for new clients, identify suppliers, and even kickstart or accelerate their projects. Whether you’re looking to stay ahead of emerging trends, test and showcase your offerings, or simply make new contacts, Composites Meetings is the place to be.

Do you want to discover new business opportunities that use composite materials? Come to Atlantic France and take advantage of this growing trend in the industry! Contact us now to find out more.

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