Agrifood: Lisaqua obtains a major state subsidy for its first factory

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Within the framework of the France 2030 programme, the “Première Usine” initiative supports innovative companies which are producing in France. The prawn specialist Lisaqua which is based in Saint-Herblain, near Nantes, has been selected by the French government and will receive significant aid to develop its business.

Thanks to its strategic location and its growing focus on technology and sustainability, Atlantic France offers fertile ground for entrepreneurs looking to expand into the European market.

Furthermore, the French government launched the “France 2030” programme to drive innovation in key sectors of the economy. With a budget of €54 billion, this programme represents a considerable investment in the future of France and offers new options for companies based in the country.

Lisaqua selected for the “Première Usine” call for projects

The “Première Usine” (first factory) initiative, which is part of the France 2030 programme, is a call for projects that will be open until December of 2026. Its objective is to support innovative startups and SMEs with industrial-vocation projects. This initiative reflects a strong commitment to reindustrialisation and innovation in sectors such as biotechnology, electronics, transport, and energy. 

The investment must exceed €5 million, and the aid is provided in the form of grants (60%) and repayable advances (40%). The French government has recently announced 12 new beneficiaries which will all share an investment of €60 million. Since the launch of the initiative in 2022, the government has announced 4 waves of projects and 51 companies have been awarded a total of €240 million.

The Lisaqua project is one of the 12 recent initiatives selected by the French government. The company based in Saint-Herblain, on the outskirts of Nantes, cultivates prawns in low environmental impact aquaculture farms, without antibiotics and close by to consumers.

A sustainable aquaculture specialist

Lisaqua has developed an indoor aquaculture system that allows for the cultivation of prawns without the use of antibiotics, reducing the negative environmental impacts associated with traditional aquaculture. Its focus on “permaquaculture” combines different marine species in a closed system, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem that increases resource efficiency and minimises waste.

This improves the quality and sustainability of the product while optimising resource use. Compared to conventional aquaculture, its method requires 20% less food and saves 99% of water. The results have been very positive for the company. In March 2022, Lisaqua secured €4.9 million of funding. This capital has boosted its expansion and strengthened its market presence.

This financial success and its innovative business model position Lisaqua as an emerging leader in the sustainable aquaculture industry, demonstrating once again that Atlantic France is an ideal space for innovation related to sustainability.

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