Industrial electronics

The figures talk for themselves

1st French region for the manufacturing of assembled PCB


Great business opportunities on offer

Great, because business and industry in Western France offer an increasingly attractive market for electronics applications and innovation. Electronics cuts across all sectors of activity and plays a role in meeting today’s societal challenges. With industrial IoT, electronics manufacturers are at the forefront of the technological transition the businesses are undergoing (industry 4.0).

Great because the region will be home to an electronics Technocampus to help business to be more competitive by bringing together a comprehensive set of skills and expertise and fostering collaborative R&D projects between academic research teams and businesses. It has been designed to act as a hub.

Great because you’ll be able to get your projects off the ground with support from a fully-fledged ecosystem. Big names like Thomson, Bull, Motorola, Packard Bell, NEC have left their mark in our region and disseminated many skills including expertise in electronics assembly. We are now home to a whole electronics industry composed of designers, manufacturers, sub-contractors (All Circuits, Asteel, Lacroix Electronics, Eolane…) ou parts manufacturers (Thalès, Sagem, Valeo, Atlantic, Visteon, Canon, etc.).

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Leading names


Powerful networking and the right connections

Business clusters


Brings together businesses in the electronics sector and users from all sectors.

Academic and technological resources

Academic resources

  • Arts et Métiers ParisTech: This engineering school provides courses to develop the skills that are essential for meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s industry and to participate in technological developments (transport, health, energy and construction)
  • Centrale Nantes: This engineering school is a Grande Ecole and trains engineers to a very high level. Students are equipped with a strong managerial ethos and taught to appreciate the wider environmental and societal dimensions to the scientific subjects they study
  • ESAIP: A Graduate School of Engineering in Angers, has trained more than 2,500 young people in the fields of Computer science & networks, Risk, Health, Safety & Environmental Management
  • ESEO: The Grande Ecole of General Engineers in Intelligent Objects and Systems
  • ESIEA: The Graduate School that trains engineers as designers, developers, system and application integrators by combining coursework in IT, electronics and automated systems
  • ICAM: This engineering school (Grande Ecole) delivers Engineering Degrees (Master level) and offers trainings in engineering : lectures and qualifications, internships in our labs in R&D projects (for short or long periods), research activities, cooperative programs
  • IMT Atlantique: This engineering school provides courses in the convergence of digital technology, energy and environment
  • Polytech’Angers: The graduate School of Engineering of the University of Angers. Sectors: Industrial Systems, Health and biology sciences and construction

Technological ressources

  • Angers French Tech: as a member of the French Tech #IoT #Manufacturing thematic network, Angers French Tech supports the growth of pioneering projects and startups
  • CAP’TRONIC: supports the digital transformation of products and manufacturing processes thanks to connected electronic systems
  • Cité de l’Objet Connecté: Connected objects hub integrated into We Network cluster supporting startups, small and mid-sized businesses and large corporations thoughout their IoT projects

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