GSK: in Atlantic France “there is stability, opportunities, and the quality of life is very good”

UK | The international healthcare company, GSK, with around 100,000 employees, chose to set up a subsidiary in Mayenne, Atlantic France. This site specialises in producing antibiotics, particularly penicillin. Carlalberto Adami Dalla Val, director of the Mayenne site, is very positive about his experience of working and living in Atlantic France.

GSK is a leading company in healthcare and allows individuals from across the globe to benefit from a better and longer life. 

Employing 350 people and producing 70 million doses of antibiotics per year, the GSK factory in Mayenne is having a lot of success. The medicine is supplied to more than 100 countries where it is used primarily in hospitals. 

 “There was a footprint of previous companies, so GSK decided to acquire this manufacture and then to invest in it”, explains Carlalberto Adami Dalla Val, director of the plant.

Numerous reasons for investing in Atlantic France

The factory manager states that Mayenne is a beneficial place to set up a company due to its people: “people in Atlantic France, and in Mayenne particularly, care about their jobs. They want to work and they are part of the company, being fully supportive of what we do.” 

Not only this, but he claims that Atlantic France is an advantageous region for families to have a comfortable lifestyle. “As soon as we arrived, we felt at home”, says Carlalberto Adami Dalla Val. There are also many convenient services in close proximity such as “schools, hospitals and all the services that are required to have a good quality of life from a family point of view.”

From a professional perspective, the region is a favourable place to work, as a company receives support from the authorities, the environment and the people here. Carlalberto Adami Dalla Val speaks highly about his experience of working in Atlantic France, stating: “I think this is a good place to be because there is stability, opportunities to attract employees and the quality of life is very good.”