GKN: a brilliant future for the automotive industry factory in Le Mans

UK | A world leader in automobile parts, GKN Driveline is a strong company that has seen their site in Atlantic France flourish and is very optimistic about the future of the plant. From local expertise and help from regional public bodies to being located in a land of innovation, the region is very desirable for this business.

GKN are producers of transmission pieces for cars and trains and are conveniently located near the famous 24 hour race circuit in Le Mans, Atlantic France. GKN has created a lot of jobs with 535 employees working at the factory in Arnage, a small town where the population is only 5,300 people. 

This innovative plant is state of the art in its field and is also the place which registered the patent for the transmission joints which are the most widely used in the world today. Moreover, with 100 robots in use at this site, GKN in Arnage is the most fully automated plant in the group.

A major player in Atlantic France and within the GKN group

Leading the way in Atlantic France, the site has always pioneered the automation of manufacturing and assembly. GKN have thrived here and are very positive when considering future prospects for the subsidiary. 

As well as this, 20 million euros was invested in the modernisation of the factory which has led to it becoming a major player within the GKN group.

Optimism thanks to valuable support

GKN in Arnage has gained a lot by being situated where it is. Thanks to many local business partners also working within the automotive industry, they have acquired further knowledge in the sector. 

On top of this, the company has benefited from aid given by public bodies within Atlantic France which support the development of training programs for staff and investments. All in all, the coming years look bright: the GKN DriveLine site at Arnage truly has a brilliant future!