Cuisines Design Industries: “we highly recommend companies looking to invest in France to establish in Atlantic France”

ITALY | CEO of Cuisines Design Industries, Dante Giacomeli, has nothing but praise for Atlantic France when discussing his experience of running a company in the area. The region offers many benefits to the business including dynamic industrial & business networks, efficient infrastructures and a high quality workforce.

Producers and distributors of kitchen furniture, Cuisines Design Industries has belonged to the Italian group Snaidero since 2000. 

The company fabricates made-to-measure kitchens for the brands Arthur Bonnet and Comera in two production sites: one in Italy, and one in Vendée. 

The site in Atlantic France also hosts support functions such as customer relationships and has 280 employees. 

An ideal business location to target the French market

Cuisines Design Industries manufactures 13,000 kitchens per year and 95% is for the French market. A land of manufacturing and logistics, Atlantic France is a great place for this kind of business which is searching for an efficient industrial supply-chain.

The CEO, Dante Giacomeli, estimates that Atlantic France offers similar advantages to “attractive industrial regions in Italy such as Lombardia and Veneto”, and in particular “well developed infrastructures”.

An appealing work environment and strong public support

Dante Giacomeli speaks highly of the workforce in Atlantic France, stating that the employees are “very loyal to the company” and invested in their work. He also mentions that they can adapt and progress thanks to “many training opportunities given from different organisations.”

Like many other internationally-owned companies in Atlantic France, Cuisines Design Industries are reaping the rewards of being situated in an attractive and supportive region. And Dante Giacomeli is encouraging other businesses to make the step: “With the experience that we have had, we highly recommend groups and companies looking to invest in France to establish in Atlantic France.”