Corning Optical Communications: “Atlantic France is a great area to succeed”

USA | Corning established one of their many subsidiaries in Pontchâteau, Atlantic France. There are the right people and right resources in the region. Hervé Delannoy, the plant manager, is very pleased with the company’s success here.

Corning is a world leader in material sciences, including glass science, ceramic science and optical physics. The American company is also a key producer when it comes to cell phones, TV screens and optical fibres. 

In Pontchâteau, Atlantic France, Corning is manufacturing all the parts which are necessary to establish communication via optical fibre which is installed between the center office and homes or professional buildings. 

A multifaceted factory to address the French market

In June 2018, Corning purchased 3M’s Communication markets division. “This acquisition allowed access to new customers and new markets in France, Europe and the Middle East”, states the plant manager Hervé Delannoy.

The site in Pontchâteau is beneficial to Corning due to vertical integration. “We have market development, laboratories, industrialisation and manufacturing all in the same place.” With this establishment and a high demand for their products, Corning intends to build the fibre network of tomorrow.

The region is very attractive

Hervé Delannoy truly values the people in Atlantic France. “The region is very attractive for the people…  They are very committed to the job. They work in order to improve safety, quality and productivity to meet the customer needs”.

Atlantic France is also an ideal location for working with others: “We have very strong connectivity with representatives from this region, but also with other manufacturing directors and professionals with the same competencies as ours.

The manager of Corning’s factory in Ponchâteau strongly recommends businesses to set up in Atlantic France and thoroughly appreciates the region: “conviviality is part of the value of this region which makes it very attractive.”