Smart city: a world-first in Nantes with an innovative organic photovoltaic film

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Armor, an industrial company from Atlantic France, has invented cutting-edge technology for energy transition. Its innovative polymer-based solar film has been installed in Nantes as part of a European project named mySMARTLife.

The photovoltaic film called Asca is a kind of sticker. Ultra-thin, lightweight and flexible, it is also semi-transparent. Developed by Armor in Atlantic France, it allows energy to be produced from almost any part of a building.

In partnership with Nantes Metropolis and Engie, Armor has installed this innovative photovoltaic film on the solar shading blades of the Nantes congress centre. A world first.

Versatile green energy

While the installation of photovoltaic panels requires strengthening the architectural structure, this innovative film does not require major intervention and is easy to fix. 

It can be made in different colors or shapes in order to adapt to the building’s appearance, but also in different transparency levels, making it possible to see through it. Based on organic polymers, the film can produce electricity from solar energy, but also from artificial light.

Low carbon footprint

100% recoverable, the Asca film is produced locally and without any silicon nor rare-earth metals. Its carbon footprint is therefore much lower than for a photovoltaic panel, being compensated by the film’s energy production over a couple of months. 

In only a couple of months, the CO2 that is produced during the manufacturing period is compensated by the energy produced by the film. This is therefore much quicker than a photovoltaic panel because it can take up to three years. According to Armor, the product’s useful life can extend to 20 years.

Nantes, lighthouse city of the European experimentation mySMARTLife

The installation of the innovative solar film Asca is part of a European project called mySMARTLife and funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Nantes is one of the three lighthouse cities of the experiment, alongside Hamburg and Helsinki, and is leading several projects to accelerate the transition towards smart cities and sustainability.

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