Renewable energy: photovoltaic projects are multiplying in Atlantic France

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Renewable energy is a priority in the region and companies in the photovoltaic sector are developing ambitious projects. Some of these companies include:  Nantes-based startup Sunology, French solar-panel manufacturer Systovi, German company Abo Wind and the agri-food firm Sodebo (which is building a 95,000 sqm photovoltaic park for its own consumption).

Photovoltaics are on the rise in the Atlantic France region. Nantes-based startup Sunology is launching a “plug and play” photovoltaic station and an AI-based configuration system for roof panels, while Systovi is developing its own new generation of solar panels. The German company Abo Wind is making progress on its agrivoltaic projects in Lusanger and Guémené-Penfao. As well as this, the largest photovoltaic park in France will open soon in Vendée to supply the energy needs of Sodebo’s premises. 

Sunology and its photovoltaic offers for individuals

Launched in 2020, the startup Sunology has developed two innovative products for individuals. The first product, Sunology “Play”, is a “plug & play” solar station that can be used in less than a minute by plugging it into a standard electrical outlet. It produces between 420 and 670 kWh/year depending on the region. 

The second Sunology “Home” offering is an online 3D configurable roofing solution, using artificial intelligence technology. In 2022, the company announced that it had sold 30,000 Play stations and 200 Home solutions.

Solar panels made in France by Systovi

Systovi, a subsidiary of the Cetih group, has set up its second new generation solar panel production line in Carquefou, near Nantes. The manufacturer has invested €1.5 million and plans to double its production capacity to 80 MW, or 200,000 panels, by 2023. Systovi achieved a turnover of €12.4m in 2022 and expects to increase this to over €20m this year, according to Ouest-France. Systovi carries out most of the manufacturing of its solar panels. It is one of the few European manufacturers in this sector, as China usually dominates.

Installing photovoltaic power plants on agricultural land

German company ABO Wind, which specialises in wind and solar energy projects, is building two photovoltaic power plants on agricultural land in Lusanger and Guémené-Penfao, in the north of the Loire-Atlantique region. Both are installed on some forty hectares, the first with a capacity of around 11 MWp and the second 20 MWp. Both sites belong to the same owner. Two sheep farms applied for the use of some land so that their flocks can free graze, via a loan-to-use contract. The aim of these projects is to reconcile local agriculture with electricity production.

Sodebo builds the largest photovoltaic power plant in France

The Vendée-based industrial company Sodebo is building a 95,000 sqm photovoltaic park on its site in Saint-Georges-de-Montaigu in Vendée in the Atlantic France region. This big photovoltaic park, built in collaboration with EDF ENR, will be the largest self-consumption plant in France. It will enable the family company to produce 10.2 MWp, the equivalent of 11% of its annual consumption. The project should be completed by 2024.

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