Covid and Brexit brings The Acoustics Company to Atlantic France

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The British company which specialises in architectural acoustics solutions had to change their plans to face the consequences that came with Brexit. With the support of Business Solutions Atlantic France, The Acoustics Company is setting up in Le Lude (Sarthe county) and the region will serve as a centre of operations to develop their European sales.

The Acoustics Company designs and manufactures acoustic solutions and products. It is part of the British family SME Acousta Group, created in 1980 to the west of Birmingham.

The Acoustics Company relies on a 40,000 sq ft facility in Telford (Shropshire) which has been accredited with ISO9001 certification and has developed its own online sales platform: Acoustic Panels

The company addresses a broad range of B2B markets such as construction, transport (automotive, heavy-duty vehicles, public transport), defence, medical, engineering, packaging, energy, etc.

Adapting the business to Brexit rules and the impact of covid

Before Brexit the online sales platform was well received in Europe and the specialist vehicle division was finding new markets in France and Germany but with Brexit came delays, confusion and additional cost to supply line that impacted progress.

Covid made many companies aware of the complexity and low resilience of their supply chain when supply of product was delayed or stopped altogether coupled with almost weekly price increase.

The British company has therefore decided to create a manufacturing and distribution facility in Atlantic France to receive, store, transform and distribute all of the groups product starting with the architectural acoustic range and to be quickly followed by the specialist vehicle division.

An opportunity to boost its development in Europe

The architectural acoustics specialist is transforming the obstacles related to Brexit and Supply chain issues into an opportunity to strengthen its presence in the European market.

The French subsidiary registered in Le Lude takes care of The Acoustics Company’s new sales, production and distribution center. It will lead sales offices which are to be established soon in the company’s priority markets in Western Europe: Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

With this establishment in Atlantic France, The Acoustics Company is planning to create 10 jobs (sales and production) in its first phase.

Without the ongoing support from Business Solutions Atlantic France and the local authorities this project would not have got off the ground. We are excited about the project here in France and look forward to working with local partners and European wide customers.

Scott BAKER, Group Director
The Acoustics Company UK

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