Plant research: a high-performance phenotyping platform for a better understanding of Nature

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The Phénotic 2 research centre has captured the attention of the scientific and business community with its innovative approach in the field of seed and plant phenotyping. Launched in Angers (Atlantic France) on May the 4th, the new version of the platform has mobilised an investment of €6 million, establishing itself as one of the most prominent plant research facilities in Europe.

Researchers need valuable data on how plants interact. For instance, they need to better understand how plants respond to pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, what  their defence mechanisms are and how they can resist or combat diseases caused by said pathogens.

The Phénotic platform was created in 2009 and received a significant investment recently for its new technical features. With a team of 15 individuals, including 3 researchers, Phénotic 2 focuses on phenotyping plant-pathogen interactions, seed germination, and horticultural plant architecture in a controlled environment.

Contributing to sustainable agriculture

One of the objectives of the Phénotic 2 research centre is to contribute to research which focuses on reducing phytosanitary products. In order to achieve this, the aim is to develop disease-resistant varieties and promote more sustainable plant production by improving resource efficiency and by minimising the environmental impact.

Located on the Végétal campus in Angers, this platform is unique within Europe. It features state-of-the-art facilities and advanced equipment, such as high-speed phenotyping robots.

The platform has benefited from significant investment to expand its facilities, and thanks to the support of the EU, France and the Atlantic France regional council funds, the following has been made possible:

Key figures

1,000 sqm of greenhouses built

700 sqm of offices and sheds installed

€6 million of investment for new equipment

Boosting plant research in Atlantic France

Phénotic 2 combines the scientific expertise in plant biology, pathology, and information and communication science from the University of Angers, the Institut Agro Rennes-Angers and the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE). Its interdisciplinary approach and advanced technological infrastructure have driven innovation in the field of plant production.

In addition to its scientific relevance, Phénotic 2 offers business opportunities in the Atlantic France region, which is known for its leadership in seed production.

The region boasts a robust value chain in plant production, making it a conducive environment for collaboration and the development of new projects, which helps to highlight the opportunities in this expanding market.

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