Marine renewables: with project Remora, Segula Technologies innovates in undersea energy storage

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Segula Technologies is addressing a major issue for marine renewables: the storage of energy. The engineering group obtains interesting results using air compression. In order to evaluate the solution under real conditions, a prototype will be developed for a deployment at the SEM-REV test site, in Atlantic France.

Producing green energy is only part of the challenge. Because production is intermittent and storing the energy leads to significant losses. While current solutions only allow  40% of renewable marine energy to be recuperated after having stored it, the Remora project manages to reach 70%. A decisive innovation.

The project was started in 2013 by the researcher Thibault Neu who worked on a thesis at the IMT Atlantique engineering school and then joined the company Segula Technologies to apply his discoveries.

Isothermal compression of air to store energy

The Remora solution is based on the principle of isothermal compression of air. It consists of converting the electricity produced by offshore wind turbines or other renewable sources into hydropower. 

More specifically, electricity is used to pump water which goes up into a chamber and compresses air which is stored in underwater tanks with a storage capacity of 90MWh. To reuse the energy, the air is released and spins a turbine.

Demonstrating cutting-edge technology under real conditions

The Remora solution was first tested on a land-based demonstrator, ODySEA, in partnership with several laboratories from Nantes: the Cetim, IREENA (University of Nantes) and IMT Atlantique.

The project has been given the seal of approval by the competitiveness cluster S2E2 and Segula Technologies won the Sea-GRID call for expression of interest. The company is now working on the development of SeaMac, a sea-based demonstrator, targeting an installation on the offshore test site SEM-REV of Centrale Nantes starting from 2023.

Discover the Remora solution and many other forward looking innovations in marine renewables during the international event Seanergy (21st-24th September 2021, Atlantic France).

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