Le Carnet is one of 12 “ready-to-use” industrial sites showcased at the Choose France 2020 summit

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A national project call has selected 12 “ready-to-use” industrial sites across France. They can offer foreign investors competitive fast-track solutions to get their projects up and running quickly. One of these sites is Le Carnet which extends over 110 hectares, located between St Nazaire and Nantes on the Loire River.

What is a “ready-to-use” industrial site?

These industrial parks are ready to use and available to cater for new industrial activities. This means that all the administrative and regulatory procedures, including urban/environmental planning and rescue archaeology, have been anticipated. Foreign investors therefore get a head-start when locating to one of these sites.

To know more, discover the 12 “ready to use” industrial sites showcased at the Choose France 2020 Summit including a detailed presentation of Le Carnet in Atlantic France.

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