Healthcare: the start-up THIRD chose to produce a 3D-printed connected stethoscope for telehealth

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The start-up THIRD is based in Montoir-de-Bretagne, Atlantic France, and specialises in 3D-printing. The company is in charge of 3D print manufacturing connected stethoscopes for remote auscultation created by the French start-up WeMed. 

The pandemic has accelerated the need for telehealth. Developed in 9 months, the first connected stethoscope SKOP allows its users to perform cardiac and pulmonary auscultations from the comfort of their home. 

To develop and launch its new product, the company WeMed has worked with the start-up THIRD, a specialist in 3D-printing located in Montoir-de-Bretagne (near Saint-Nazaire), to produce at a high-pace.

A medical device in large-scale production

Already specialised in 3D printing services for industry in a wide range of sectors, THIRD’s co-founders contacted the inventor of the innovative stethoscope SKOP to collaborate on a large-scale production of the medical device. Useful for isolated patients and emergency situations, it has been specifically designed to maximise auditory performance. 

While telehealth consults have grown fast this last year, there is a market need for remote medical devices. According to the press release, the stethoscope has already convinced cardiologists, pulmonologists, general practitioners, emergency physicians and nurses.

Third, a fast-growing start-up in Saint-Nazaire

Based in Atlantic France, close to the Airbus factory on the outskirts of Saint-Nazaire, the Third start-up is growing fast. THIRD plans to produce 60,000 pieces per month, increasing its workforce by 5 to meet market demand. 

The company is also committed to recycling plastic waste in order to reduce the negative impact of its business. 

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