Healthcare: Fabrice Denis, an oncologist at the forefront of digital anti-Covid tools

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The doctor Fabrice Denis from Le Mans, Atlantic France, led several projects to fight the Covid pandemic with digital services. An innovative way of playing his part in the crisis, and he was rewarded by receiving the title of “French health personality of the year”.

Digital is a major factor in healthcare, offering opportunities to re-invent the role of caregivers and to give much more amplitude to their initiatives. Here is a brilliant example with the oncologist Fabrice Denis from Atlantic France who stood out with various anti-covid services., for fast and anonymous diagnosis

Dr. Fabrice Denis first launched in mid-March 2020. The website allows one to carry out a quick and anonymous self-diagnosis in order to assess the risks of having caught Covid-19. 

In just a few months, it became the most widely used anti-Covid tool in France: 14 million people used it in 2020! Many partners offered to contribute, and the “Digital Alliance against COVID-19” was created to invent other innovative web apps., a large-scale online survey of infections hosts a survey for people who have been infected with Covid-19 in order to understand where and under what circumstances they could have caught it. A “citizen donation of data” to improve scientific research., to re-educate patients affected by “long Covid”

Many patients complain of effects that persist for several months after being infected with Covid-19. In particular anosmia, the loss of smell. The platform aims to accelerate olfactory recovery through coaching and personalised monitoring of odor disorder., to monitor psychological well-being

Last but not least, Dr. Fabrice Denis and his team and partners launched The pandemic has a major effect on our psychological health, and 30 to 40% of French people are suffering from permanent ill-being. The website includes a self-diagnosis tool and personalised help to find the right solutions.

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