Healthcare: a €13 million investment for biopharmaceutical company Clean Cells

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The biotech Clean Cells is building a new 5,300 sqm site in Montaigu, Atlantic France. Representing a €13 million investment, the premises will allow the company to increase production rates and the speed at which its products are available on the market. 

Founded in 2000, Clean Cells is one of the leading French biopharmaceutical companies and is part of the Clean Biologics group. The company based in Atlantic France is investing €13 million to build the largest site in Europe for biopharmaceuticals quality control services and production of cell banks for innovative drugs. 

“This is a key project for the growth of Clean Cells, renowned for its contribution to the development of innovative drugs in France”, highlights Olivier Boisteau, co-founder and strategic adviser at Clean Biologics, in a company press release. 

5,300 sqm premises to quadruple productivity

Clean Cells has chosen Montaigu, half an hour from Nantes, as the location of its brand new 5,300 sqm premises. The site is expected to be finished by September 2022.

The company will then be able to manage 9 different production lines at the same time, and this will allow Clean Cells to increase its analysis and production by up to four times. 

80 new positions and arguments to attract talent

This new premises will also result in 80 new positions for workers in the region: engineers and technicians, administrators, sales assistants, etc. 

And Clean Cells’ new site will not only focus on the improvement of its production, but also on the welfare of its employees with a gym and a relaxation room. “This new and state of the art site will enable our teams to work in the best possible conditions to continue their analysis and production work”, explains Joseph Jammal, CEO of the Clean Biologics group. 

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