Fintech: the crowdfunding platform WEDOGOOD which invests in sustainable projects goes global

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Jean-David Bar, founder © WEDOGOOD is a website allowing investors to support sustainable projects in exchange for royalties. The company based in Nantes, Atlantic France, conceives a social, economic and environmental bond between investors and entrepreneurs by ensuring a positive way of saving with projected profitability of 3,6% per year. 

Created in Nantes in 2015, WEDOGOOD raised over €6,6 million for smart entrepreneurs. The digital company develops a funding model using royalties. Rather than a capital share, investors receive a part of the project’s revenues each quarter, depending on the project’s growth.

6,104 investors and 93 businesses funded

An innovative financing model, WEDOGOOD is a flexible, non-dilutive, own-funded, automated, ethical and fast process. It enables startups, cooperatives and SMEs to raise between €10,000 to €300,000 by increasing their own funds without capital dilution. 

Each fundraising project has to be validated. WEDOGOOD’s team analyses the financial model to ensure the investors that it will be completed well and allow quick royalty payments.

Accessible from €10, the average investment holds at €700. Six years after its launch, the fintech WEDOGOOD raised over £5.7 million for 93 sustainable businesses while bringing together more than 6,100 investors. 

“Changing finance to change the world”

WEDOGOOD received the label “participatory fundraising for green growth” by the French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition. The company is also a certified B corporation, meaning it meets the highest standards of verified social, transparent and environmental performances to balance profit and purpose. 

The funding platform’s motto is “Changing finance to change the world”, and WEDOGOOD aims to grow internationally. The website is currently being translated into English, and an article was recently published in the American business magazine Forbes

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