The startup Holiworking offers a digital nomad experience for employees

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Thanks to Holiworking, employees can experience living abroad for 3 to 12 months without leaving their job. The startup, which was created in Nantes, takes care of all the administrative, social and tax procedures without any additional cost for the employers.

The world of work is changing, and companies must adapt to remain attractive and keep their employees. The tech entrepreneur Gaël Brisson, CEO of the green web hosting company DRI, has created a startup named Holiworking which allows employees who are able to work remotely to do so from dream destinations.

Several “holiworkers” have already jetted off to one of the available destinations: South Africa, Indonesia, Cape Verde, Mauritius, Mexico, Thailand and Costa Rica. Holiworking is also planning to propose trips to Canada, Morocco, Argentina, etc.

End-to-end support for remote working abroad

Solutions&co and CVS has provided Holiworking with dedicated support on the legal framework of its services, as workers will have a special, new status when working abroad. Employees therefore have to sign a contract with Holiworking for the duration of their stay. Holiworking sends an invoice with the gross salary and taxes to the employer, without any extra cost, and then gives the employees 80 to 100% of their monthly net salary, depending on the total amount and local taxes. 

Employees must pay for their transport to the destination, “boarding fees” (€250 to €480, depending on the number of people travelling) and the monthly contribution from 0 to 20% of their net salary. In this package, with no extra cost, they have access to the support of their employer, a coworking space, the support of a “Holicoach” and access to the local network, and to health, travel, and disability insurances, adapted to the international environment. But as Holiworking offers destinations with lower prices than in France, expatriate workers generally have a better standard of living despite these costs.

Holiworking is an experience facilitator. Our solution meets the international desires of employees and the challenges of companies, by ensuring a long-lasting work-story, a symbol of mutual trust and commitment.

Gaël Brisson, Founder of Holiworking

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