Covid-19: Protecthoms and RBL Plastiques can produce 500,000 face shields per week

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Two companies based in Atlantic France began a partnership to develop a protector against Coronavirus. In less than a month, they managed to reach a mass production capacity. The face shields allow other companies to quickly return to their normal activities.

Protecthoms is a distributor which specializes in personal protective equipment. The company from Mayenne started to work with the industrial RBL Plastiques, based one hour away from their headquarters, in Loire-Atlantique, to produce versatile face shields protecting against Covid-19.

Protectors that adapt to caps and safety helmets

The protective hygiene face shields are made of PETG, a durable and clear thermoplastic. The visor can adapt to any cap or construction safety helmet thanks to three clips made of PPC, a shape-memory polymer.

Already starting mass production

The project started on the 20th of March and the first face shields were available only 10 days later. By the 15th of April, 250,000 items had been produced and distributed. The two partners are now aiming for a weekly production of 500,000 visors.

Restarting the economy

The demand is extremely high and the first products were sold instantly. The face shields are very useful for companies which carried on working during the pandemic, but also for those which are restarting now. For example, this is the case for the FMGC foundry, in Loire-Atlantique, where more than 80% of its 330 employees went back to work.

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