Anchors aweigh for Neoline’s innovative sailing ship

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The Nantes-based company Neoline has signed two major deals. The startup is closing the funding for the construction of its first two vessels, the pilot Neoliner cargo ships which will connect Atlantic France to the American east coast. A breakthrough in the field of sustainable transportation.

The Neoliner is a 136-meter long sailing vessel. Invented by Neoline, a startup created in Nantes in 2015, it is a green and flexible “roll-on/roll-off” cargo ship which can transport up to 478 cars or 5,000 tonnes of breakbulk. 

An agreement with EDF to sell energy savings certificates

Mainly propelled by the wind thanks to 4,200 square meters of sail, the Neoliner can reduce the fuel consumption by up to 90%. That means the vessel will save 600,000 MWh over 15 years, which is equivalent to the energy consumption of a city of 9,000 inhabitants for 10 years. 

This was integrated in the business model, as Neoline recently announced that EDF will be buying them energy savings certificates. It will be the first time this funding system will be used in the maritime world.

A new strategic partner and a regional industrial alliance

Neoline also announced that Sogestran has become a major partner acquiring 15% of the startup shares. The group which controls the Compagnie maritime nantaise and possesses 200 vessels will support Neoline with financial, technological and operational issues.

Neoline will soon launch the construction of the first Neoliner sailing vessels. The company chose Neopolia Mobility, a joint venture of Atlantic France industrial players gathered together thanks to the Neopolia business cluster.

A maritime connection with the American continent

The ships should be in service by 2022 and 2023 and will connect Saint-Nazaire with Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon to transport cars for Renault. They will also connect Atlantic France with the US east coast and the Neoliner vessels will take products from the companies Beneteau and Manitou on board.

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