AIHerd: AI technology benefiting animal welfare and productivity

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The startup AIHerd was created in Nantes, Atlantic France, by an association made up of veterinarians, artificial intelligence software programmers and management specialists. “AI” for artificial intelligence and “Herd” for livestock: the innovative idea offers a real-time visual analysis of cattle farms thanks to AI algorithms. The objective is to optimise animal welfare and productivity by using automated observations of behaviour. 

During the past 30 years, a rapid evolution has taken place in breeding and the food and farming industry with automation and robotisation. 

In line with these transformations, AIHerd created an automated system to monitor livestock. It keeps up with behaviour and the morphological evolution of each individual animal to provide farmers with alerts, statistics and indications at the right time. 

“Computer vision for livestock monitoring” 

The startup has developed a solution capable of detecting and analysing the overall events in one cattle’s life (dairy cow) within its barn. The technology offers complete monitoring with a network of cameras and AI-based software. 

AIHerd helps to detect early pathological conditions, primarily lameness, while helping to monitor heat, births, physical condition, food, competition for water and other stress factors prone to affect animal welfare. 

This technology represents a cutting-edge innovation. Until now, one was only capable of analysing one event and providing one solution. With AIHerd, it is now possible to monitor and detect a combination of events simultaneously while offering numerous solutions and data. 

Long-term objective: expand and reach 20% of the global market

AIHerd (10 employees) is accompanied by the innovation center Atlanpole. A team which is devoted to working on algorithms within the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), a key player in research, development and innovation.  

The technology allows €500 of economic gains per animal each year, which represents 15% of economic gains. The first fundraising event has  already been planned. By 2023, the startup aims to address 10% of the French – Benelux market with a €7 million turnover and the long-term objective is to reach 20% of the global market. 

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