Aeronautics: aluminum foundry Howmet Ciral to hire 70 people in Atlantic France in 2022

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After a downturn in its activities due to the Covid pandemic, the aeronautical subcontractor Howmet Ciral is recovering. The company plans to hire 70 people in 2022, at its factory in Evron, Mayenne, in the Atlantic France region.

With 260 employees, the Howmet Ciral foundry in Mayenne specialises in the manufacturing of moulded aluminum parts, such as hatches, fuel systems and casings. Established in Evron in 1977, the company works for big aeronautics stakeholders such as Airbus and Safran. 

Recruiting talent: 70 new hires in 2022

In order to cope with the upturn in business, Howmet Ciral will be hiring in 2022, at its Evron factory. 70 positions are to be filled in maintenance, machining and boiler making. The first 26 recruitments are expected in the first quarter of the year. 

We were able to keep our customers during the crisis and now they want to make up for lost time. We therefore have very good business prospects for 2022 and 2023“, explains Xavier Dumant, director of the Mayenne site, to local newspaper Ouest France.

Industry 4.0: digitisation of the factory

Howmet Ciral has taken advantage of this slow period to work on the digitisation of its factory. Its project “Digicast 21” was selected for the national recovery plan France relance and the company was awarded €276,000. 

As part of this project, the manufacturer is implementing digital modeling of certain processes, digital X-ray inspections of pieces and their geolocation in the factory using an RFID chip. 

Howmet Ciral has also received public support in order to acquire a robot and a 3D printing machine, which should be operational during 2022. Last but not least, a research programme on a new alloy was launched at the Evron site and training was offered to its employees. 

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